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DIY Homemade Dog Food - K9 Food Balancer

Make it yourself with confidence. K9 Food Balancer is the perfect solution for making nutritionally balanced, homemade dog food at a fraction of the cost and time that it would take to make it from scratch.

Paws Cafe has been making pet foods since 2007. We have a wealth of knowledge about the types of disorders many dogs encounter and we know how our whole food diets effect positive changes to their health. We get frequent requests to ship our frozen diets across the US but as you might expect, this option can be incredibly expensive. We developed K9 Food Balancer as an economical alternative. The kits are a simple “add meat & water” homemade dog food solution that you can make in less than 30 minutes.

Each kit costs $49.95 and includes the recipe and instructions, diced vegetables, supplements, and excellent custom service should you need any help along the way. Multi-kit discounts are built into our pricing so you can buy 2 kits at a time for $89.95 ($45 ea) or our jumbo box, which is equal to 8 kits, for just $299.95 ($37.50 ea).

Finding the right fit for your dog

We have 5 kits to chose from based on your dog's unique needs. If you aren't sure which kit is right for your dog or would like assistance placing your order, please call or email us. shelly@cooking4canines.com or 425-285-9489.

We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with our clients.
You can always come to us for assistance.

Healthy Dog Formulas:
These diets fall into the moderate (40%) meat range, which is the ideal protein level for the typical healthy dog.

1) The Healthy Dog Formula is our most popular recipe and mirrors the Paws Complete Diet we make for our Washington State clients every day.
2) Our Ultra-Limited Ingredient Formula was designed for dogs with dietary allergies or intolerance. As with all of our diets, you choose the meat.

Low Protein Formulas:
These diets have a net protein percentage of approx 20% depending on the meat you use. This is the ideal protein amount for mild to moderately restricted protein diets.

3) Low Protein Formula – Our Low Protein Formula was designed for dogs with mild to moderate liver or kidney disease, or pancreatitis where overall fat consumption must be limited.
4) Our Low Oxalate Formula is designed to be low in protein and other oxalate containing foods. This is critical in the prevention of oxalate stones in the breeds that are genetically predisposed such as the Poodle, Llasa Apso, Schnauzer, Yorkshire Terrier, Shih Tzu and Bishon's; especially the males.
5) Our Low Purine Formula is designed for breeds that are genetically predisposed to uric acid stone formation due to purines found in many common dog food ingredients. Dalmatians and Bulldogs are the most common breeds with this genetic condition.

All of our kits can be made with the meat of your choice.

Here's our philosophy on making healthy dog food:

Quality Protein Based Diets:

Our kits call for the appropriate amounts of quality lean meats. This is important to point out as many online homemade or premix diets contain insufficient amounts of protein and large quantities of fat. This can lead to muscle wasting, malnutrition, obesity (carb overload), pancreatitis, joint inflammation, soft stools, urinary tract infections, digestive problems and poor dental health. Canine diets should be relatively high in good quality, highly digestible protein but with only moderate amounts of fat. Most commercial diets are made with highly processed, poorly digestible meat-meals and by-products. Most raw diets are made with excessive amounts of indigestible ground bone, unhealthy vegetable oils, fat trim and other by-products that most people wouldn't consider safe for their own use. Simply put - If I won't eat it either will my dogs.

Essential Fatty Acids :
We know that diets made from meat and vegetables, regardless of protein levels, do not provide adequate amounts of the essential fatty acid, Linoleic Acid (LA), so we add Organic Hemp Oil to ensure that proper levels of this fatty acid are included in our kits. Hemp oil is well tolerated by dogs and it contains proportionally correct amounts of Omegas 3 and 6, natural vitamin E, a full range of amino acids and several of the essential minerals our dogs need. Linoleic acid is a frequently overlooked essential nutrient in premixes and homemade diets and results in a poor quality coat and dry itchy skin.

Essential Minerals:
Organic kelp and calcium citrate is added to our supplement mix to meet these needs. Calcium citrate is particularly beneficial when dealing with issue involving kidney and bladder stones as the citrate reduces the amount of calcium present in their urine to potentially form stones. Most commercial dogs foods use the cheaper calcium carbonate.

All of our diets include Vitamins E and D3. While small amounts of Vitamin E exist in our meat and vegetables, it’s not enough to meet our dog’s essential requirements. There are surprisingly few foods that contain measurable amounts of vitamin D so this too is supplemented in our diets to meet our dog’s basic needs. These two vitamins are commonly overlooked in premix and homemade diets. B-complex is also added to ensure adequate amounts of these essential and vital nutrients. B vitamins vary considerable by meat type as well so this just ensures all bases are covered. We are also now including Taurine to our supplement blend as there has been recent concerns raised that an increase in certain heart conditions in dogs may be linked to diet. While taurine is not considered an essential nutrient for dogs at present there are certain types of meats that contain very little, if any taurine. We are simply ensuring that none of our diets are deficient in this heart healthy amino acid.

Our supplements are contained in sealed foil packs that are included with your kit. Each kit contains two foil packs to allow you to make smaller batches if desired, while maintaining the freshness of your supplements. The supplements are uniquely balanced to each kit and are designed to be added as the final step in preparing the food, once the ingredients have cooled to room temp. This way, our added nutrients maintain their full potency.

Our Air Dried Vegetables are 100% all natural, GMO free, and are thoughtfully selected for their specific dietary goals. Gently air drying raw, cleaned, and diced vegetables retains the nutrients from the vegetables. Dogs primarily benefit from the fiber, moisture, and minerals found in vegetables. Raw vegetables however, are not easily absorbed unless they are pulverized in a food processor or they are cooked. By cooking our diced vegetables, we retain a more appealing stew-like texture verses a pureed texture.

K9 Food Balancer is the complete and healthy solution for homemade dog food.