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K9 Food Balancer - Low Oxalate Formula
This is the perfect solution for anyone that wants to make a nutritionally balanced low oxalate homemade food for their dog. Oxalate stones are the result of having a urine PH that's too acidic (under 6 typically). It can be caused by diet or medications, but in most cases is thought to have a strong genetic component. There's no cure for oxalate stones and once they become large enough to interfere with a dogs ability to urinate (an obvious life threatening situation), surgical removal becomes the only treatment. If you have a breed that's prone to developing this type of stone or a dog who's PH is regularly too acidic, then prevention is the best plan. Breeds that are most at risk are Poodles, Lhasa Apsos, Schnauzers, Yorkshire Terriers, Shih Tzus and Bishons; especially the male dogs.

K9 Food Balancer's Low Oxalate Formula will give your dog the best possible nutrition for his unique needs. This formula calls for high quality protein in lower amounts than our Healthy Dog diet, it's naturally high in moisture, rich in minerals including potassium, low in oxalate containing ingredients and we use a form of calcium called calcium citrate that minimizes the availability of calcium that can bind with oxalic acid to form these stones in the first place. In 30 minutes, you can make enough food to feed your average 15-20lb dog for two weeks.

Diet Specifications (Analysis based on averages using lean ground chicken, turkey and beef)
- Ingredients: Zucchini, white potato, sweet potato, peas, calcium citrate, taurine, organic hemp oil, organic kelp, Vit E & D3
- As Fed Analysis: Protein (min) 10%, Fat (min) 3%, Fiber (max) 1%, Moisture 78% (max), 486 kcals per pound*

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Low Oxalate Formula Low Oxalate Formula

Single Kit - Makes 16lbs of completed food

Our Price: $49.95
Low Oxalate Formula Low Oxalate Formula

Double Kit - Makes 32lbs of completed food

Our Price: $89.95
Low Oxalate Formula Low Oxalate Formula

Jumbo Kit - Makes 128lbs of completed food

Our Price: $299.95