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If you have a Dalmatian, especially a male, you should learn everything you can about purines, allantoin conversion, and uric acid stone formation. Dalmatians represent an estimated 80% of the dogs that have this genetic, potentially life threatening condition. Bulldogs and Russian Terriers also seem to be genetically predisposed. Purines are a nutrient found in many common pet food ingredients, but are especially concentrated in organ meats and sea foods. Breeds that have this genetic disorder have a defective enzyme that is responsible for breaking down purines. This eventually leads to uric acid bladder stones if steps aren't taken to prevent this. Over time, these stones become large enough to interfere with urination. This is a life threatening situation and can only be resolved by surgically removing the stones. It's important to restrict the protein intake for these dogs and to use highly digestible, quality meats. Organ meats and sardines are especially high in purines and should always be avoided. Vegetables containing purines should be fed in moderation such as asparagus, spinach, green peas, lentils, and oatmeal.

K9 Food Balancer's Low Purine Formula
will give your dog the best possible nutrition for his unique needs. It calls for reduced amounts of quality protein (approx 25% DM), it's naturally high in moisture, low in purine containing ingredients and we use a form of calcium called calcium citrate that minimizes the availability of calcium that can bind with uric acid to form these stones in the first place. In approximately 30 minutes, you can make enough food to feed your average sized Dalmatian the healthiest diet possible for an entire week.

Diet Specifications (Analysis based on averages using lean ground chicken, turkey and beef)
- Ingredients: Zucchini, white potato, sweet potato, carrots, calcium citrate, taurine, organic hemp oil, organic kelp, Vit E & D3
- As Fed Analysis: Protein (min) 8%, Fat (min) 2%, Fiber (max) 1%, Moisture 80% (max), 450 kcals per pound*

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Low Purine Formula Low Purine Formula

Single Kit - Makes 16lbs of completed food

Our Price: $49.95
Low Purine Formula Low Purine Formula

Double Kit - Makes 32lbs of completed food

Our Price: $89.95
Low Purine Formula Low Purine Formula

Jumbo Kit - Makes 128lbs of completed food

Our Price: $299.95